Attendees using DebConf-provided lodging will be staying in residence hall rooms at our host venue, Columbia University. For directions, you should visit the Travel Information page for logistical travel information from various locations. Be sure to also read the Welcome page for a general overview of the things you should be sure to bring, and the things that you need to know.

Their Conference Housing office provides information on the included amenities. Columbia lodging cannot accommodate guests under 13 years of age due to applicable safety laws.

For DebConf10 two types of rooms are available:

  • Single: One single-person bed per room, no private bathroom. One multi-person shared bathroom per gender per floor.
  • Double: Two single-person beds per room. Two rooms per suite. One shared bathroom per suite.
More detailed information on the dorms, rooms and facilities can be found on the wiki.

In the "Room preference" field of the "general" tab of your penta account, please indicate your preferences for roommates and/or suitemates as well as one of the following:

  • Single (USD $53 per night)
  • Double (USD $53 per person per night)
  • Double for yourself (USD $78 per night)
USD costs in parentheses are for those paying for conference-provided housing on a per-night basis. Sponsored, Professional, and Corporate attendees who wish to have a double for one person should contact the organizers for pricing details.

Coin-operated laundry is available. Bed sheets, pillow, pillowcase, blanket and towel will be provided. Soap and shampoo will not be provided.

Information for those attendees who wish to obtain alternative accommodations is also available, including budget-friendly hostel options as well as full-service hotels.

The following hostels have been identified in the Upper West Side, within walking distance of the venue:

  1. Hostelling International New York (recommended)
  2. Broadway Hostel and Hotel
  3. NYC Hostels

Many other hotels, of a wide variety of prices, exist. Attendees are encouraged to discuss accommodation options on the DebConf10 wiki.